Power rack type winch (rack bar)


  • Seamlessly operational and user-friendly, the planetary gear-type differential gear eliminates the need for electric/manual switching.
  • With an integrated torque mechanism within the cycloid reducer, overload detection is  facilitated throughout the ascent and descent phases, safeguarding both mechanical equipment and structural integrity.

  • Leveraging a circular multi-plate clutch, emergency self-loading becomes effortlessly attainable, even in remote or field settings, through a single touch. facilitated throughout the ascent and descent phases, safeguarding both mechanical
    equipment and structural integrity.

  • Enhancing ease of use, the machinery can be controlled using a single key on the operational unit, eliminating the necessity for a hoist cover, and yielding substantial

    economic efficiency, thus curbing construction expenditures.


One-touch type winch (roller chain)

10ton x 1.5kw x 1 units


  • Due to the absence of upper protrusions caused by chains, this winch is corrosionresistant, functioning solely with tensile force during ascents and descents, and it falls

    under the category of disaster-prevention-safe winches, offering a safeguard against issues in hydrological winches resulting from winder bending.

  • Its streamlined operation, user convenience, and reduced power consumption stem from its high mechanical efficiency, facilitated by the exclusion of powered/manual shifting components.

  • Equipped with a torque device integrated into the cycloidal reducer, this winch has the capacity to identify overload conditions throughout the entire ascent and descent process, ensureing the protection of both mechanical equipment and civil structures.

  • In cases of power outage or shortage, the winch facilitates swift emergency shutdown with just a single touch, even in remote or field settings.


Power rack type winch (wire rope)


  • The utilization of wire rope eliminates upper protrusions, rendering this winch corrosionresistant, employing tensile force for electric elevation and relies on the sluice gate's weight for powered lowering.
  • The inclusion of a planetary gear-type differential gear system negates the requirement for an electric/manual switching device, contributing to easy operation and user convenience.

  • Enhanced safety is ensured through the incorporation of a wire tension detection device, safeguarding the winch and civil structures.

  • Operating convenience is enhanced by the unified key usage on the control panel, removing the necessity for a winch cover, and generating notable economic efficiency by curbing construction costs.

Auto - overturning sluice type winch


  • This winch is equipped with wire rope and incorporates a built-in mechanical FLOAT automatic conduction mechanism.
  • Safety is ensured as the sluice gate is incrementally opened by the mechanical FLOAT, adhering to water level settings.

  • A wire rope tension detector identifies wire rope tension and reverse winding, accompanied by dual safety measures that safeguard the sluice gate, winch, and surrounding structures.

  • In the event of a power outage or shortage, a DC motor feature permits remote overturning of the sluice gate. (Optional: emergency shutoff device)

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